Easy-to-watch film about statistics and baseball. But with Brad Pitt. You with me? I liked it, but it may help if you’ve read the book or know the story, or indeed know anything about baseball. It’s a shame the film didn’t really get much into Billy Bean’s backstory, because that’s one of the strengths of… Read More


Part Jason Bourne, part Nikita and part Brothers Grimm, this is a brave attempt to marry action flick with arthouse. It’s not entirely successful although there are some good sequences and Cate Blanchett is deliciously evil. 5/10

Sweetgrass at ICA

When the director introduces a film as requiring patience, and the opening few shots quite literally have you counting sheep it doesn’t necessarily suggest an entertaining afternoon ahead. Fear not, Sweetgrass is a documentary set in Montana that manages to be virtually narrative-free and yet oddly compelling. It won’t be everyone’s thing, but if you… Read More