Wonderful. This unimaginably ambitious film is a masterpiece. Director Richard Linklater of course takes credit, but the cast are also amazing – Patricia Arquette perhaps being the pick of the bunch. If I had to criticise it, I found the ending rather strange, but then I don’t know how you end a film like this… Read More


Split the room, but even the silly ending doesn’t detract from the superb opening and the feel of the film. It’s as much about the filmmaking as the plot or the characters – and worth seeing in 3D Imax – but as it’s not that long (91 minutes) so it doesn’t matter. Whether Clooney needed… Read More

Zero Dark Thirty

Engaging and tense with the right degree of ambiguity. Jessica Chastain is excellent (and does well to avoid comparisons with Claire Danes’ Carrie Matheson). The film also gives some insight into the messiness of ops. Some definitely feel it’s too propagandist, and maybe have a point, but as a piece of film making it’s gripping.… Read More