Government wobbles in face of regional anarchy caused by natural phenomenon… Cobra, Sky’s oddly prescient Whitehall-and-beyond drama, promised more than it ultimately delivered. The idea was good, and there were some plausible plot lines along with some very implausible ones. But after five good tension-building episodes, the final part seemed rushed with major incidents glossed… Read More

Succession poster

Succession (Seasons 1 & 2)

I’ve just binge watched the show that everyone’s talking about (but apparently almost noone is watching). It’s Arrested Development meets Billions, written by Jesse “Peep Show” Armstrong. An ageing Murdoch-style media mogul patriarch and his horrendous extended family of misfits jostle for position and shaft each other regularly. The storylines are simplistic, but Succession is… Read More

The Capture

Clever BBC police drama in the vein of Bodyguard/Line of Duty (though with no connection to either). Much smarter than Bodyguard, less procedural than LoD, but didn’t get the publicity of either. Asks challenging relevant ethical questions about truth, evidence and the greater good and, at just six episodes, it’s tightly plotted. Hope there’s a… Read More