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Tin Star (Series 1 & 2)

Northern Exposure as directed by Tarantino. It’s frankly astonishing that I’m still watching this after 19 episodes. Tin Star’s third series will be the last and thank god for that. Tim Roth is the only thing keeping this cliché-ridden wannabe noir from sinking under the weight of its own ridiculousness. Series 1 relied far too heavily on time-shifts to tell its story even though – except for the excellent penultimate episode – they added nothing to the story. The opening sequence made zero sense, yet is pivotal to the entire story; and the bad guy is the definition of “central casting”.

Series 2 was far less pretentious but the plot was also far less compelling. But having suffered this far, partly thanks to the nice scenery, I’ll put up with the final series, which is apparently shot in Liverpool – as I suspect most of the cast will be too. 5/10

Tin Star poster

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